1.  The student hereby confirms warrants and represents that they are fully aware of the subjects that are offered on their course and is fully aware of the facilities and services offered by Kensington Education Foundation Limited trading as Kensington College of Business (“the College” or “KCB”).
  2. The student hereby consents to the College processing personal data contained in their application form, or other data which may be obtained from the student or others, including details of academic performance, learning support needs, disciplinary matters, destinations and comments on quality, closed circuit TV and video recording on the College premises, online recording of teaching materials/lectures/assessment activities, and holding the student’s photograph which is used for any purpose connected with the student’s application for admissions, immigration  purposes, studies, health and safety, implementation of the Rules, to provide data that the College is required to hold or supply to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) or for any other legitimate The student also gives consent by clicking ‘Yes’, to the disclosure of such information for academic purposes, in response to requests for references relating to continuing education, training or employment, for implementation of the Rules, in relation to council tax matters, and to sponsors. The student also gives explicit consent for the College to check, verify or communicate any personal data that the student has provided in this form or at any other point on any other documents during and in support of the student’s application for admission to the College with the UKVI if you are on a student visa. By clicking ‘Yes’, the student confirms their understanding that HESA pass data to organisations that need it to carry out their statutory functions connected with funding higher education.
  3. The student hereby consents to the College obtaining and verifying their registration details, assessment registration and results from all professional institutes/examination
  4. If a student has submitted any false: forged documents/certificates/bank statements, the College will report the same to the UKVI/SLC/Awarding Bodies and any fees paid will be
  5. Subject to clauses 6 and 8 below, all fees are payable in advance. Subject to clause 6 below attendance at classes can only be allowed when the fee has been paid, or an application has been made to pay by instalments or for its remission, and such application has been accepted in writing by the
  6. A Student whose fees are to be paid by the Student Loans Company, employer or other body directly to the College (a “Funded Student”), must produce written evidence of this funding. Until a Funded Student produces this evidence in a form acceptable to the College, they will be treated as pre- “Pre-enrolled” means a status which allows the Funded Student at the College’s discretion to attend their course, pending receipt of funding, but is not enrolled as student of the College. If a Funded Student does not produce written evidence of funding within 14 days of the day of this application, the Funded Student’s pre-enrolment will automatically terminate, and the Funded Student will have no further right to attend their course and have no further rights against the College.
  7. The College reserves the right to refer students with outstanding fees to a debt collection agency if their fees remain
  8. Students whose fees remain unpaid may be denied access to the College facilities, and the College reserves the right to withhold examination results, until payment is
  9. New students have a statutory right to cancel their contract (enrolment) with the College and withdraw from their course within 14 calendar days of enrolment if the classes have not commenced. Withdrawal within this period will not incur any
  10. If a student intends to fund the course fees through a higher education loan or career development loan but such loan is declined by the loan provider or if the student fails to apply in a reasonable period of time as determined by the College, the student will become liable for any outstanding
  11. KCB reserves the right, as a part of this contract, to contact your sponsor, should you be absent from lectures and not personally be contactable by the
  12. The student agrees that they cannot change, defer, suspend or withdraw from the course offered without prior written permission from the
  13. The Director of the College reserves the right to enact disciplinary procedures and/or expel a student if they do not fulfil the above requirements or fails to act with an appropriate level of conduct when: in the College, attending online classes, dealing with staff or fellow students, representing the College or using facilities associated with the College off-campus. (Examples would include disrupting the general operation of the College; offensive, threatening, discriminatory or harassing behaviour; misrepresentation; misuse of the site/ facilities). In such an event there will be no refund to the student and the relevant authorities will be
  14. These terms are correct at the time of printing but is subject to alteration particularly relating to any new legal or regulatory requirements applying to the
  15. Fees and sums paid for courses and course materials will be refunded if the College exercises its right to cancel the course if there are insufficient enrolments.
  16. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: THE STUDENT’S ATTENTION IS PARTICULARLY DRAWN TO THIS CLAUSE. The College shall not be liable to the student, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or for any indirect or consequential loss save for death or personal injury attributable to the negligence of the The College’s total liability to the student in respect of all other losses, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall not exceed the fees paid by the student to the College. Except as set out in these Terms  and Conditions, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded. This clause 16 shall survive termination of the Contract.
  17. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and all disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.