Kensington College of Business (KCB) is a partner with the University of Chester – one of the oldest British Institutions devoted to Higher Education in the UK. University of Chester has been committed to delivering success for more than 175 years and the wealth of experience is reflected in consistently high levels of student satisfaction, resultant employability and the successes of its graduates.

KCB combines the history of the University of Chester with an eight-storey building in Central London in order to deliver the Law within the Business Degree* programme.

With connections to the University of Chester you will gain substantial knowledge of the key legal and financial institutions, including courts, law firms, barrister chambers, the world’s leading corporations, professional-services firms, banks and regulatory bodies to name but a few-all within a short walking distance from KCB.

Our Offering

We have developed a course for those students specifically interested in obtaining an overview of aspects of Law and wish to understand the functioning of businesses, together with an appreciation of legalities, accounting principles and management duties. These are the broader skills that are required of practising solicitors who must be commercially aware to demonstrate knowledge of clients’ businesses, manage a client’s money and be prepared to run a solicitors’ practice as a business.

The law and business world works hand-in-hand towards the successful management of businesses. The law provides the framework for successful enterprise as well as the means for redress when conflicts arise. You will be provided with a range of core modules that will help you appreciate the roles of both.

The University of Chester, in partnership with KCB, is one of the Universities that is able to offer a regulated Qualifying Law Degree, which grants you onward access to further training as a solicitor or barrister – should that be your career ambition. This is combined with the Business Management modules to further provide you with increased versatility to specialise on more commercially-focused endeavours.

You will be well prepared for the demands, challenges and rewards of a prestigious, intellectual, dynamic and fast-paced career.

Such is the nature of the professional services industry that there is an increasing trend for a variety of services to be offered ‘under one roof’. This course will therefore be of significant benefit to those that are entrepreneurially-minded and also wish to develop the ability to think through a wide range of issues, which is encouraged on this degree programme.

You will be taught by lecturers and tutors with a wealth of experience in law and business.

What do we require of our Applicants?

There is no specific type.

All academic backgrounds, extracurricular activities and cultural diversity are key to the success of a thriving cosmopolitan environment.

Independent, critically-minded individuals with commercial acumen who can show a proactive attitude, as well as the drive and determination to succeed, will benefit greatly from the subject matter, the range of modules and the teaching methods available here.

We will provide you with the knowledge and core skills that will be required of you to succeed. You will have access to key online Legal journals as well as general library resources that have recently undergone significant investment to help facilitate your studies.

The ability to demonstrate legal and business skills and the critical thinking inherent in both are highly desirable attributes in a number of fields aside from Law. The skills that will be gained through our curriculum will therefore enhance your employability in both the commercial and legal market place.

The course is divided into 3 levels, with 6 subjects or modules in each level as the table below explains:

Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Contract Law Criminal Law Equity, Trusts and Property Law II
Public Law EU Law Human Rights Law
Principles of Property Law Tort Choose TWO optional Law modules
English Legal System and Method Law Experiential Choose TWO optional Business modules
Business Management Contemporary Issues in Management  
Introduction to Accounting Human Resource Management  


The modules are assessed by a combination of coursework and examinations, for which in each module the pass mark is 40%.

If the student:

Only completes the first 6 subjects/modules or Level 4,they will be awarded a University Certificate of Higher Education in Law with Business.

Only completes the first 12 subjects/modules or Level 4 and 5, they will be awarded a University Diploma of Higher Education in Law with Business.

[c] Completes all 18 subjects or level 4, 5 and 6, they will be awarded a University Degree: LLB (Hons) Law with Business.

* Teach-out